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The Sons of Denethor

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Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations owned by the original author and publishers. No copyright infringement is intended or to be infered.


Title: The Sons of Denethor

Words: 414


It was a quiet and beautiful morning. The sun shone down on a wide open meadow with large oak trees surrounding its four sides. It was a beautiful view like a lush garden glistening with life waiting to be discovered. A small deer is grazing through the fields.


The deer hits the ground in the sound of a heartbeat.

“Good shot brother†Boromir emerges from the top of a tall oak tree.

“Well Faramir when you’ve had my experience it’s hard not to hit the target you’re aiming at†Boromir smiles proudly.

“Boromir how is it your so confident. It’s no wonder our father likes you more than me†Faramir said sounding quite upset.


Boromir walks up to Faramir and puts his arm around him.

“Faramir our father loves us both equally. You know that. Come on lets head back to the city. This young deer will be the guest of honour. Ha haâ€

The two brothers ride back to Gondor on horseback carrying their prize deer.

The deer is then cooked and served at the dinner table where Denethor, Boromir and Faramir can’t wait to get stuck in.


Denethor brutally chews on one of the hind legs.

“So Boromir did you hunt down this fine cuisine†Denethor looks over at Boromir taking a sip of wine.

“Yes father I did but I couldn’t have done it without…â€

Denethor interrupts Bormir abruptly “Bah might have known the only thing Faramir can catch is a coldâ€

Faramir slams his cutlery hard on the table

“Father why do you hate me. I do nothing but try to please you and you give me no respect.â€

Denethor nods, “I agree you do nothing but try to please me. I will pay you some respect when you actually succeed in pleasing meâ€


Faramir storms out of the dining hall in a hurry.

“Father! Why did you treat him so badly†Boromir shouted

“Because he can’t do anything for himselfâ€

“If he died tomorrow I’m sure you would take back those harsh words?â€

Denethor smiles “If Faramir died tomorrow it would probably be from a disaster that he caused in the first placeâ€

“Father why do you think so high of me and so little of himâ€

Denethor thought for a moment “Because you are my first born. You are the strongest, the wisest and the most courageous. If you died tomorrow I couldn’t go on living. If you died life as I know it would have no meaningâ€

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