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Brekkie at Quality Hotel

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Guest WaterBoy



Yesterday I was in London and went up to Wembley for a scout around. This time I am staying in the Quality Hotel (Thanks SM!) and wanted to see where it was in relation to A the hall and B places to eat.


The hall is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Turn left as you leave the hotel and follow the path round following the main road.


Places to eat is a slight concern. The hotel can do "boxed breakfasts" (composing of cereal and pastries) for the ridiculous sum of £5! They do not serve brekkie until 8am on Saturday and Sundays. A great person (Crew Boss James) once gave me a bit of advice for crewing events: EAT! If you leave the hotel and trun right, there is a McDonalds that will be serving its breakfast menu from 7am (both Saturday and Sunday).


I heavily recommend that crew at the Quality Hotel get up and down to McD's for 7am, to get brekkie and walk the 10 minutes from retaurant to the hall. Considering this is the only guranteed meal of the day, it is probably a good thing if it is hot, cheap and plentiful.


Hope this helps!



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