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Stef and James

Initial mail to all crew - LFACC2

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Emails to existing and new crew to volunteer for positions at LFACC2 will be sent out by Monday 20th September 2004.


If you have given us your details and haven't received a mail by Wednesday 22nd September, it could be because -


1) It bounced (we get a few of these) maybe due to us having an old address of yours etc

2) We read your email address incorrectly from your form, this happens.

3) We don't have an email address on the form you gave us.


So if by Wednesday 22nd September, you haven't received an email, and you would like to crew for showmasters at LFACC2, regardless of whether you have crewed before or not send a mail with the following in the subject line.


Request Initial Crew Mail LFACC2 - (YOUR REAL NAME)


send it to : showmasters_crew@yahoo.co.uk

and we will send you the crew volunteer form and email by return.


Please note that you need to be sixteen to be crew at LFACC2


Many Thanks


James and Stef




Once received, we will send you confirmation to say we received your form, but as we state in the mail, we will be collating all the info from your returned forms over the next month. Once done, we shall email everyone to let them know if they have or haven't been selected to crew LFACC2. We do not expect to send out confirmation of crew position mails until AFTER C6.

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