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Found 2 results

  1. Latest Guest Announcement - Andy Diggle Attending: Saturday and Sunday Writer: The Losers, Daredevil, 2000 AD, Six Guns, Thunderbolts, Green Arrow: Year One Writer: The Losers, Daredevil, 2000 AD, Six Guns, Thunderbolts, Green Arrow: Year One TWO YEARS after joining the Judge Dredd Megazine editorial team, Andy Diggle formally became editor of the title as well as its long-running parent, 2000 AD. He remained in the post for two years, resigning to embark on a freelance writing career in 2002. His earliest stories appeared in 2000 AD but he was quickly headhunted by DC's mature readers imprint, Vertigo. A four-issue Hellblazer: Lady Constantine (2003) led to The Losers, which ran 32 issues until 2006. Both launched in 2003, the same year he collaborated with Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner on the four issues of Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus for Dark Horse and a year before he relaunched Swamp Thing for Vertigo. After scripting that title's initial six-chapter serial Diggle moved on to his first overt excursion into the world of superheroes. An eight-parter for DC, Adam Strange​ was followed by 2005's six-issue Silent Dragon, a futuristic creator-owned title for DC's Wildstorm imprint after which the writer authored his first project for Marvel. A 2006 one-shot, Punisher: Silent Night was followed by the first six issues of DC's Batman Confidential and Gamekeeper – a five-parter co-written by filmmaker Guy Ritchie – for Virgin before he returned to Vertigo for 18-issues of Hellblazer alongside which he also scripted 2007's Green Arrow: Year One six-parter for DC Leaving Vertigo in 2009 Diggle moved to Marvel for what would be his most high profile series to date. He remained on Thunderbolts for only for 11 issues but his next move – to Daredevil – took his career to even greater heights. In between he authored Ratcatcher, a 2010 graphic novel for the newly established Vertigo Crime line, it indicated a new direction for Diggle, one that would infuse his Daredevil work. His 12-issue run on the title segued into Shadowland, a major 2010 five-parter that wrapped up the blind superhero's current title and which – along with the Diggle-written Daredevil: Reborn – laid the groundwork for a Daredevil relaunch. The writer followed that 2011 five-parter with another Marvel miniseries of the same length. Released in 2012, Six Guns was also more about crime than about bombastic superhero activities while Snapshot (which marked his return to Judge Dredd Megazine) was even more ground level. Next, however, came classic science fiction as IDW commissioned Diggle to relaunch BBC TV's iconic Time Lord in an ongoing Doctor Who comic for the American market. But then it was back to crime as the regular writer of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's Image series Thief of Thieves and – after an abortive flirtation with DC's Action Comics – Uncanny, a six-part "paranormal thriller" for Dynamite's crime line. Currently scripting Thief of Thieves and the recently launched Uncanny Season 2, Diggle did step back into the world of superheroes in 2014 for Marvel's four-issue Captain America: Living Legend.
  2. NEAL ADAMS - Attending Saturday and Sunday One of the most influential artists of his era, Neal Adams got his start drawing the Ben Casey newspaper strip, which ran from 1962 to 1966. The following year he took to contributing to such of Warren’s horror anthologies as Creepy and Eerie before moving on to DC, where his realistic and innovative style radically overhauled the look of the publisher’s covers. After working on war and humour comics, he made comicbook readers sit up and take notice illustrating Deadman in Strange Adventures with his subsequent work on The Brave and the Bold and Batman [sporadically between 1970 and 1974) and especially the groundbreaking Green Lantern/Green Arrow [1971-72] garnering him legions of fans. Adams also began working for Marvel, providing not only covers but highly regarded if truncated runs on X-Men [1969-70] and Avengers [1971-72] as well as contributions to various anthologies. Although he remained in high demand for covers and the occasional short story, by the mid-1970s his focus had shifted outside the comics industry although his tour-de-force came in 1978. Better known as Superman vs Muhammad Ali, the tabloid-sized All-New Collectors’ Edition #C56 was major commercial and critical success. In 1984 he launched Continuity Comics. A spin-off from Continuity Studios (Adams’ commercial art operation), it sporadically published such titles as Ms Mystic (which the artist had premiered at Pacific Comics in 1982), Armor, Echo of Futurepast, Zero Patrol and Bucky O’Hare for the next decade. Other than his work on the Continuity titles, Adams was virtually absent from the scene until 2010 when DC announced he would be writing and drawing the six-issue Batman: Odyssey. A seven-part sequel followed in 2011 with the five-issue The First X-Men – his first significant work for Marvel in over 20 years – coming a year later.
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