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  1. Just booked my Gold ET 5 ticket. *Squeee*!! Ok, I know who the big secret guest is. I know he’s also been told not to say anything and its a big secret so I’m not going to name names cos of what I heard at the convention and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I just want to say a HUUUUUGEE thankyou so much, you guys are the best!! I need to know how I can get extra photos with? I had to get a gold ticket this time when I found out and I know I’ll get one with all the guests, but I’m greedy and want another 3 more (I want a hundred more but I’ll settle for 3!). I want 1 in costume and also another 2 in my fave dress as well, so how’s it going to work if I need to go and get changed? And do we have to buy them like we did for Charlie and Gil after the opening ceremony? I want to buy extras and don’t want to miss out but I know people will be lining up before the opening ceremony so I don’t want to miss them. Can you help please cos I know when people find out its going to be super crazy, and if anyone finds out tell no one till the opening ceremony or we might not get to buy extras! I am so happy I want to cry! ET 5 is going to rock, sm you are the best!!!
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