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  1. I'm all for looking forward to next week but are you kidding me with this "Ticket"? I had to pay £3 P&P for a generic letter (not a ticket) that quite easily could have been emailed to me. I know it's only £3 but who do you think you're kidding here? If you need to extra money to run the event fine increase the tickets by £3 but don't try to hide it in a completely unnecessary exercise that's not fooling anyone. It just makes you look like a greedy eBay seller.
  2. Waaachow

    Newbie Questions

    Thank you both for your help, I'm glad i'm not missing too much on Friday, its not really possible for us to attend. Now I have the tough decision of choosing whether I ask Alan to sign Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse s1 or Dollhouse s2 (think its out by then). I leaning towards Firefly but I may have to upgrade the blu-ray edition first :) Thanks again!
  3. Waaachow

    Newbie Questions

    Hi All, My usual yearly conventions are the London film and comic con and Collectormania. I have yet to attend an event like Hallowhedon. I have a couple of questions and would really appreciate answers from those who went last year. First off my friends and I will have purchased standard tickets and will be attending Saturday and Sunday. Will we be missing out of much Friday? What was the dealers room like last year? I cant imagine it being that big With autographs I prefer signatures on DVD sleeves rather than star photographs, is this possible at Hallowhedon? Thanks for all your answers. Regards, Steve