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  1. 15 hours ago, Lythara said:

    Honest feedback, I liked the concept but the set was a bit empty. Also it would been cool if the lights were on. But my biggest issue was that the lightning was very poor, dark sofa combined with my dark jeans and shirt resulted in no recognisable body. I seemed to merge with the dark blob that was the sofa. Very Stranger Things but not great. 

    I'm sorry the photo didn't come out as you expected. If this was Saturday or Sunday,  I would have happily tried again for you if you had pointed it out. We are, after all, here to make sure you have the best possible experience! 

  2. My suggestion/request is for the Author section. I would love the opportunity to meet Dale Brown, author of over 20 technothrillers, based around the same protagonists. They are borderline sci-fi, with some of the aircraft mods he comes up with, and I would LOVE it if you could book him for LFCC!!!

  3. for me it had to be while i was waiting in the queue for Jodi O'Keefe. Jeffrey Weissman's shoot was before and the Showmasters guy was shouting "Any more for Jeffery!" as Jeffery walked up, he tapped him on the shoulder and i said "i'm here for Jeffery" then continued to join the back of the queue. I dont this the SM guy knew who he was and Jeff sat at the back of the queue for a couple of minutes with his arms folded and then took a few photos with fans before the shoot lol.

    Oh please tell me this wasn't in Photo F on Saturday???? If it was, 1) I am missing a significant chunk of memory, and 2) I'll die of embarrassment!!!!

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    I think you'll find that Luke, Phil and Stuart are definately already pencilled in for those positions for the next 10 years! ;-)


    Is Stuart the name of the big blonde man? :smile:



    That's me :) Though I've never been blonde in my life - the light must have been very flattering as it's pure grey!

    Mr Dazzler - I think you'll find that Luke, Phil and I are handing over our photoshoot areas to Barry to run simultaneously next time :angel::whistling:


    In your dreams Stuart!!!!


    I had some really bad experiences, which I've already mentioned. Best crew member for me by far was the guy running the late Robert Englund Shoot on Saturday. Really professional, really jovial, made everyone relax after all the stress we'd been under. Got us into safe, sensible queues in seconds and kept it that way. Don't know his name, but super job! Get this guy on the high stress shoots, like Photo A next year, he doesn't treat you like sheep!


    Sounds like you joined the cult of Luke. Was he making jokes and being generally funny plus has a beard. That would be Luke! :)


    Ummmmmm, didn't the Late Saturday Robert Shoot get moved to Photo F??? If so, that would have been me! :-p

    Regardless of who it was, we all really appreciate the positive feedback, it makes the aches worthwhile!

  6. Bus was still a joke.. used it yesterday. Waited for the 1615hrs Bus from the Arena (Web site shows the times) but it never showed up until 1630hrs. I guess the traffic could be bad as we got on, I heard someone ask the driver if he was the 1615? The driver said ,he leaves at 1645 there is no 1615 if they wanted a 1615 then they should put on another bus? Oh well guess he must of had the hump driving up and down all day... I do think the bus used needs to retire I had to move twice as each time I sat on a broken seat and once the bus moved I moved too....... Oh well it was free. :thumbdown: And I was late for my train and missed that too.... Thanks Bus :grump:

    I hate when the so-called professional private hire drivers give the rest of us a bad name..........

  7. Hi all,


    Just wanted to say a personal thank-you to all of the attendees, crew, guests and dealers inside CFCC when the clock tolled 11.00 on Sunday morning. I don't think that the arena has ever been so quiet with so many people inside it. You were an absolute credit to yourselves and to the fandom.


    Thank You!

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  8. Ok, as I understand it, SM give the bus company a desired timetable, the bus company then allocates drivers around the Drivers Hours Regulations. I believe this one comes under UK domestic regulations, so the driver has to have a 40 minute break after 5.5 hours of driving. I heard a lot of people complaining, and I'm sure these complaints are being taken into consideration.

    This is me talking as a professional PCV driver, not representing anyone.

  9. Well, I have a big Thor: The Dark World, hard backed movie poster from the Premiere, signed by 7 ofthe actors, and Joss Whedon. What are people's thoughts on getting this signed? Godd idea? Bad? Do you think he would?


    I don't think I'll get my pic with him, although I have a quirky, Dark World-related idea for a pose if anyone would like to hear it.....

  10. I met Bruce! I managed to get him on a slow patch, and we had a great conversation about why Last Resort got cancelled (Too cerebral for US audiences), about encouraging US networks to take the BBC approach to things (Think about how much can be made from overseas audiences before making rash decisions), and about how K.I.T.T's downfall was that he could just do way too much! Such a nice guy, and from what I heard, had time for everyone!

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