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  1. Ah thanks a lot! :) those buggers! Ta, Che-Snake
  2. Hello, me again, My apologies for all the questions, but i'm quite a control freak and I don't want to mess this event up :S Basically, I want the whole sh-bang for Norman Reedus (the autograph + a photo op). Now I know you can order a photo op ticket before the event, but i've heard some of my friends saying they've bought autograph tickets for him :S is this possible? Sorry if this has already been covered, but I couldn't find the answer :/ Ta, Che-Snake
  3. Ah I shall do then asap, thanks! And I the reason I ask about the guests is only because I thought (C18 is it?) had a full up guest list, and then they add loads more! I was like GAH! Ta, Che-Snake
  4. Many thanks John :) I am interested in one for Norman Reedus, so I may have to order it before Many thanks, Che-Snake
  5. Hello everyone. My apologies if my last post came out in the wrong way, being a technical newbie to LFCC i should have stated my question differently. So to any experienced goers; When you order a photo shoot ticket online are you given any specific info or do you have to collect anything in particular on the day? How many guests are there likely to be overall? (will still be attending regardless, just curious). Lastly, likewise with the photo op, if you buy a ticket online is it posted to you or do you still have to pick it up on the day? My apologies if these answers h
  6. Richard you're not the only one scrimping and saving And it just makes sense, literally any guest and ima look like this dude -> Che-Snake
  7. So comparing the amount of guests at Collectormania to LFCC, there's tonnes more! Are there normally the same amount of guests at each? If so, some more walking dead guests would be lovely Ta! Che-Snake
  8. Being that he is a free signing, how many things can you get signed per person?
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