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  1. tuddy2

    Latest Guest Announcement - VALERIE LEON

    Love the Bond guests. More please
  2. tuddy2

    Latest Guest Announcement - MING-NA WEN

    Awwww that's nice. She always comes across really well. Gutted I couldn't meet her as love Agents of Shield and she's one of my favourite characters :)
  3. tuddy2

    Latest Guest Announcement - MING-NA WEN

    Really disappointed that I was unable to meet Ming this weekend. Unfortunately a family bereavement has meant I had to cancel. What was Ming like? Hope Showmasters can get her back for another event.
  4. Excellent news. Great addition to my GoT book
  5. tuddy2

    What to get autographed

    I usually get an 8 x 10 and a tie in book signed. I've got books for James Bond (Famke and Mads) Game of Thrones, Agents of Shield, and Arrow guests to sign - And Agent Carter if any guests are signed up. Can be quiet heavy tho !!!
  6. He was the only guest I really wanted to see. Was holding out on getting tickets just in case something like this happened. Definitely wont be going now
  7. Sadly won't be able to get there Any chance of pre-ordering her autograph. She doesn't appear to be on the list
  8. tuddy2

    Guest Cancellation - Pedro Pascal

    Disaster !!!! Hope he's able to make a future event
  9. Excellent guest ! Thankfully have met him once before when he signed my Indiana Jones book and the cost was much cheaper
  10. tuddy2

    Latest Guest Announcement - ROY DOTRICE

    Its was great to see him at autografica earlier this year - a true gent
  11. tuddy2

    Bruce glover, great guy.

    Yes he was brilliant as were all the guests I met today. Must be the best event for talkative guests !! Bruce was none stop as was Pat Gill. She was showing me pictures of her time at the Moulin Rouge at las Vegas and all the superstars she had been friends with (Elvis, Lisa Minelli, Frank Sinatra) The list was endless. A great guest. Kim Mills and Janine Andrews were simply adorable and Roy Dorice and John Standley were full of great stories. A brill event - Thank you Dave and Showmasters
  12. Great Guest - now were talking !!