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  1. Thanks for the support It has been a very difficult 24 hours as you can no doubt imagine. And we are doing our best here. Dave Very great News... Very great news... Thanks a lot
  2. If you allow it, I shall add that it is also because in the past, many persons received astronauts' free autographs and resold them then very fast on internet by making big profits. They took advantage of the generosity of the astronauts to win some money silver. Mr Aldrin understood very quickly this problem and thus established a rule which is there to prevent this kind of problem. As it, it is mainly reserved for the real fans. It's a pity to have been obliged of arrived there but it is as it. It is necessary to accept it. I thank you showmasters to permit the venue of Mr aldrin and all others space guest in Europe.
  3. Are you serious here? Yes. By example, for the last Autographica in London in september, I cheked my room (Room with 2 beds)the monday before the show for 2 nights (£65 included breakfast) and bought my Eurostar ticket the day before. Monday the Eurostar ticket was 165 euros Paris-London-Paris and thursday was and bought it 120 euros. For Collectormania last november, Eurostar ticket for one day was monday 130 euros and when I bought thursday was 145 euros. So, not really a problem. If I had bought my tickets 2-3 months before the show, certainly cost the same price or very lower.
  4. Some people of the Normandie-Niemen squadron are still alive and made sometimes some conferences in Paris. So why not in London
  5. Don't forgot the others europeans astronauts. Especially french astronauts. Jean-Loup Chretien, 1st west european in space who have 3 flights. One with Space Shuttle and 2 with Soyouz Patrick Baudry, the &st french in space Shuttle Philippe Perrin, flew with STS-111 and now Airbus Chief test pilot The others french astronauts who have flew with shuttle still work with ESA, so can't sure they have the right to come Some others europeans flew with shuttle The great advantage is all these people speak english For others space shuttle guest, Jack Lousma and Paul Weitz (all together flew in skylab and as shuttle commander), Eileen Collins, Sally Ride, etc... and some cosmonauts flew with Shuttle
  6. Hello from France Maybe I have not really good understand (because my english is not so good as I would like) but I don't understand all the complaints and criticism about the Showmasters. I have made many Autographica (and others events) since several years, so I think I can talk about my experience. If the showmasters have decided this year to cancel one show and have just one show this year don't hurt me. It's their decisions and I'm sure that have made the good choice. I don't understand some people blamed them for the hotel rooms and flight tikets bought several months before. I have never bought my rooms or planes (for Birmingham) or eurostar several months in advance. Just bought them usually 1-2 weeks before, and for Eurostar one day before. Not really BIG difference with the price. For Hilton or Thistle, bought them one week before and paid very good price. So no problems with that. And each time the celebrity dinner was very very a great moment (not really expensive) I came to Autographica especially for Astronauts but like to meet others guests. So, just wait for this year the next Autographica. n Great-Britain, you many many shows like Collectormania, Chevron, London entertainment, etc... so, not really a tragedy to have one Autographica this year. And for those who don't like to go in London because Birmingham is better for them. So, imagine, London is better for some others. Many Europeans (and some worldwide visitors) came to Autographica and not complaint about the place of event :even the Thistle was no problems for me. Not easy to access but quiet) So, maybe it's a deception to have just one show this year, but would be a GREAT SHOW
  7. Sure, don't hesitate to invite shuttle astronauts... As some of you want too see MGA astronauts, so, don't hésitate to invite John Young (Gemini, Apollo, Moonwalker and 1st shuttle commander) by example, and all space guests you want. 2011 is the 30th anniversary of Shuttle and year of the last shuttle flight... In september, Bruce Melnick was wonderful. And don't hesitate to invite european space guests (sure some on them would be accept to come) and of course, more cosmonauts...
  8. Yes, Adrian Paul was very very friendly saturday. We talked long time in french (he speak good french).
  9. Yes, the Gold Pass not include the ''First'' in the Photoshoot Queue. I have seen many Gold Pass hold arrived in last minutes before the beginning of Photshoot and take the place front of me without a polite words. fews of these holdrrs was very impolite. No word, push the queue to take the 1st place. Just hold their passes on their hands. thanks to the crew member of the Aera B Photoshoot who asked to the Gold Pass to be polite and make the queue as others
  10. QUOTE(spacemen1969 @ Nov 28 2010, 07:18 PM) Hello, Here some of my first photos of yesterday on my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/famillesebile...57625355967117/ Good pictures, especially the last one with AJ looking at my Supernatural map =P I'm just sorting through mine so I'll post a link or something soon. They're mainly all from today. This post has been edited by crazyisgood: Today, 10:04 PM Hello crazyisggod I have another one with you if you want
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