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  1. am sooo friggin happy. I never thought he would do a London con this year so I booked a con next year in Paris to see him. My photo is booked - lets just hope there are no filming conflicts or I will be very sad
  2. Reids_Girl

    Update on photos posted out from EMS

    Im not even getting any acknowledgements to my emails - which doesnt give me a lot of faith
  3. Reids_Girl

    Hawaii 5 O cast please

    Please please please begs - gets down on knees Alex O Loughlin Scott Caan Daniel Dae Kim Grace Park Masi Oka Terry O Quinn James Marsters Kelly Hu William Baldwin fankoooo
  4. Reids_Girl

    Update on photos posted out from EMS

    still waiting for mine I have sent an email with a picture of myself wearing the exact top I was wearing for the DT shoot
  5. Reids_Girl

    Anyone know when photo's will be posted out?

    Ok thank you for letting us know. I shall eagerley wait my envelope
  6. Reids_Girl

    Vampire Diaries Convention

    anything to get Ian somerhalder over here
  7. Reids_Girl

    A Forensics/Crime show based Convention

    Criminal Minds please especially Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore