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  1. Hello all fellow crew members Myself (Lancelot) and Andrew Murray would just like to say a very big thank you, for helping us both out at a very large event like this one.


    I know you may see us walking around not doing much but when we are needed to put up walls or tables or sort out set up and break down you was all there to help us in any way, and for that you made out job easier, so thank you once again. and we hope to see you all again.


    "Andelot" The Super special set up crew.

  2. Thanks to all involved for an awesome weekend, RDA and all of the guests were amazing! Have taken away some really lovely memories!


    Big thanks to the crew who were all lovely, especially lovely chap working on the RDA autograph queue on Sunday. Although we had a bit of a wait the guy did a great job of organising the queue.

    There was a few people on the que but we all worked hard to make it better for everyone

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