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  1. See you all tomorrow, I'm off to MK!
  2. Does this mean people have LotR talk tickets they might consider getting rid of cheap? I am way too poor to buy one but I'd love to go to it. It would be a nice end to what is sure to be a very wearing weekend, as I'm working all 3 days of it.
  3. I haven't recieved anything I was away shooting all week and emailed them last night to say I hadn't heard anything.
  4. It can be a scary thing giving away original artwork. I gave both Dom and Elijah paintings I had done of them at the con (you can see copies of them on http://www.marysia.com/). I gave Dom his in a poster roll at the signing session but I took it out so I could see whether he liked it or not. I gave Elijah his at the Q&A on Sunday night and if anyone has photos of that (I was the very first person to give him anything as he spotted my painting next to me from the stage and wanted to know if it was him) I would love you forever. The Elijah painting was especially hard to part with as it is the first oil painting I've ever done, but the Dom one was hard too as I think it's the painting I'm most satisfied with of all my stuff so far. You can't help but wonder if they'll get put in a closet somewhere and never see the light of day again. Mind you at least I got to see them see the paintings, with Billy I left it at the ticket desk when I went to see San Diego and the lady there said he got it but I never got to see if he liked it or not. I got a big hug from Elijah when I gave him the painting and a kiss on the lips and a hug from Dom. There are con photos in my lj at http://www.livejournal.com/users/marysiak if anyone wants to see.
  5. Did anyone get a photo of me giving Elijah the painting at the start of the talk before FotR on Sunday night?
  6. I thought most of the people at the side were pretty well behaved and Billy seemeed totally focused on the people he was interacting with, not distracted at all. Which I thought was really impressive, he was always absolutely focused on the person he was signing for from what I saw. I personally would be very disappointed if the guests were completely cut off from view of people not at the front of the queue, it's a lot of time to spend and money to pay for only 1-2 minutes of being able to see the person you came to see and I was hoping to be able to do some more life sketching of the guests as I was able to last time. Something that requires a good long time and a decent eye line.
  7. I'll put in a vote for Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint would be good too as would Alan Rickman.
  8. Well the list of people I'd like to see is bound to be very different from the list of people likely to actually show up. But I would definitely show up for any of the following... Dominic Monaghan, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean, Ian McKellen
  9. I'd love to see Richard Dean Anderson or Michael Shanks. Was Peter Wingfield in Stargate a few times? I have this memory that he was but I could be wrong. He'd be great too.
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