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  1. englund49

    christmas tv

    hello to all so lets see whats christmas has on tv all on bbc 1 for december for the 19 is rosemary s baby at 11.50 for the 20 is haoween at 11.30 and twins of evil at 1.00 for the 21 is the satanic rites of dracuia at 1.05 on the 22 is the omen at 12.00 and frankenstein at 1.55 on the 23 is 7 golden vampires at 1.00 love to all of robert englund fans have a good christmas and a happy new year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from sue
  2. so come on and let me no sue.campbell2@ntlworld.com
  3. hello to alll like to be a pen pal l love to setup a pen pal club for all of horror fans of robert englund ...freddy let me no from sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. l love to see brendan fraser from george of the jungle robert englund elm st freddy
  5. l will meet robert in the uk 2005 l will be so happy to meet him l miss him in 2004
  6. englund49


    hello to all yesss l too love to meet robert am in love with him l will meet him in the uk 2005 love to all sue
  7. hello to all l will love to meet robert englund
  8. hello to all l love to have a ticket to see robert englund at milton keynes collectormania 7 april 2005 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love to all
  9. my id is not milton56 it suecampbell sorry
  10. hello to all l love to chat to all of robert fan.s so come on and chat to me go and look on the net for skype and we will chat on robert englund my id is milton 56 love from englund49
  11. hello to all of robert englund fans l love to no is robert englund come in to the uk in 2005 love from englund 49
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