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  1. My daughter and I travelled down from Yorkshire just to have a photo and autograph with Martin Landeau as we're both massive Mission Impossible fans, and we were not disappointed :) He was the nicest gentleman you could meet. We had a double photoshoot with him where we told him how much we enjoyed watching his character ` Rollin Hand ` on Mission Impossible and he said thankyou very much and shook our hands. It was our first experience of the new photo system and we were very pleased. It was great to get the photos straight away - well done showmasters - and the prints seemed a good quality as well :) It was our first Autographica event but wont be our last as we had a really great time :))
  2. Yay :))))) thanks Showmasters - even though had pics on Iron Throne at LFCC tempted to have another one now :)
  3. Anticipating great things Showmasters hoping for major GOT guest perhaps or True Blood :))))))))))))
  4. Great news well done showmasters :) Looking forward to see it in action at EMS :))
  5. Hi, Photoshoots are 23x15 and they all tend to be the same size. And to store the photos in I use A4 black pocket display books from WHSmiths which displays them very well, if thats any help :)
  6. Firstly am really looking forward to EMS and know Showmasters always put on a good event :) My main topic is props for photoshoots. The Iron Throne at LFCC was awesome so Showmasters we neeeeeeed more like this for EMS. What does everyone else think? :)
  7. Was at Comcon on Saturday and just have to say WELL DONE Showmasters for aquiring the Iron Throne prop. Fantastic idea and together with the huge iron sword just put the icing on the cake! The black backdrop to the photo shoot was inspired togerther with the cost of the photo a very reasonable £5 was just right. Altogether we had 5 photos, my daughter having 2 being a huge GOT fan! So Showmasters MORE PROPS PLEASE for future conventions that people can have photos with and keep up the good work :)))))))))))
  8. im still needin confirmation about the day tom savinis photo shoot is if anyone can help it is still posted as sunday.
  9. please could you verify that the tom savini photo shoot has been moved to sunday and if thats the case what do i do with my ticket as it is for saturday and i am not going to the convention on the sunday so do i get a refund?
  10. Hi everyone, just joined the forum, went to first Collectormania at Milton Keynes last weekend. Really enjoyed it. Had a photo shoot with Paul Darrow with my hubby, and just wanted to say what a really nice down to earth guy he is. We're both Blake 7 fans and really enjoyed seeing and speaking to him, especially at the end of the photo shoot when he asked hubby for permission to give me a kiss, before planting a big sloppy one on my cheek! - phew! vv nice. Tararr for now x the pic hehe ^
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