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  1. Other - too close to the start of the year to be spending on hotels etc. So maybe I should have voted skint instead?! lol
  2. Yeah - I'm one! Don't like cons during the football season for starters.
  3. 1. Sebastian Spence (played Tom in season 2) and was also Narcho in Battlestar and of course was the 'twice blessed man', Cade Foster, in First Wave. 2. Gary Cole - was Brad in Hollywood Babylon and has been in, amongst other things, Family Guy, Chuck, American Gothic, Crusade, Midnight Caller and Dodgeball.
  4. C.S. Lee would be a good start - he's been in Chuck too! Two great performances - two very different characters.
  5. If Jason witnessed the same selfish, ignorant, 'the rules don't apply to me' behaviour that I witnessed recently from a large number of SPN fans, then I wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to go anywhere near a SPN con.
  6. Chuck, Leverage and Dexter guests please!
  7. I'm starting to feel tempted by this event now...
  8. Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall from Dexter and C S Lee from Dexter and anyone else from Dexter too! Can you tell I like Dexter?! Leverage guests would be cool too.
  9. Gutted. (First LFCC I've missed for about 3 years too.)
  10. Who's flaming Jason? Not him the organiser from the other spn event. Ah, got you know. I need some glasses! lol Indeed. As I said earlier, issues with other events should be raised on the other organisers forums really. I guess the key for SM is that they need to know how manic such an event would be. Key for me would be after Eclipse 1, is there's no way I'd attend an 800 attendee con at the Park Inn again. Hotel is way too small for that many folks. Felt very cramped at times.
  11. You were lucky, I had to leave without either of my photos for Browder or Nimoy on Saturday! Bloody traffic apparently held up the toing and froing with photos. Won't know how they came out until they arrive at home.
  12. And who else do we blame for the fiasco in Birmingham the other week? You flamed me in the past for saying it, but now I got over 1,500 people who had a miserable time agreeing with me! Supernatural fans deserve a first rate event, and an unprofessional, ameturish and shoddy cash in. It needs to be Showmasters / Massive Events! Acceptr no substitute. The organisers werent the only ones to cause problems. I'd only do an SM Supernatural con if all screaming, unruly fangirls, who think that rules about not queueing too early, stopping flash photography, not taking illicit pics of guests whilst stood in queues and not standing in guest talks don't apply to them, were banned! I've never seen such rude, ignorant behaviour from some fans as I did then. I was appalled by the number of fans who really had no respect for the guests, staff and other attendees. No excuse for that sort of behaviour whatsoever.
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