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  1. Hello starfighter: 9 Jan. 2008 I happened to see your comment about back issues as I was searching how to go about opening a comic book store for a university degree assignment. I felt that I had to respond. I have just finished, actually gave it in today, a 7,000 research project on the sustainability of the comic book and graphic novel industry (manga are included in it as well). What I found out is that the industry in general is heading to no longer be a niche industry. I contacted UK independent comic publishers and UK comic retailers. In addition, I contacted US publishers. I did not have access to the major players, but it was quite interesting the responses. Most of the UK retailers were very positive and with mainstream stores stocking graphic novels/manga now, they felt that even more, people would be coming to them, because they stock back issues, take better care of the books, and of course are more knowledgeable. Anyway to your question. Incognito Comics has an extensive back issue selection on their website and at shows. And I am sure by now you have heard that Marvel Comics now offer an online subscription to back issues for a monthly and yearly subscription. It is not a dying industry. As you may know already, DC Comics are using in Spring 2008 distributor Random House to get their graphic novels into independent mainstream bookstores, for they feel that even though the UK and US mega book stores are stocking their, products, the indies have not been addressed. They are still using Diamond distributors for their comics. DC comics had an article that was business like that I was able to use for the project, but at the moment when I went on the website I was not able to find. However, their news advert of the deal is in DC Comics Random House Ink Distribution pact 9/5/2007 http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA...p;rid=246085817 - There is a long commentary actually on newsarama on the subject if you want to read it. Marvel Comics - when you go on their website and look at their corporate stuff they are doing some interesting things. Does that help starfighter? I am quite excited because of what I found out, I will always be able to get my comics. And as this planet keeps putting out new generations of humans, comics will always be around. In my research some of the industry experts, McCloud and Sabin for example, have the vision that todays young comic fans and young movie goers who love superhero movies, are tomorrow's media and business professionals. In fact I interviewed a university student who was never into comics. Yet after watching the X-men movies, wanted to purchase all the issues - we're talking about the back issues know. However, she did not know where to go - which says something of course and I would love to believe that the marketing departments of the comic industry are listening. Hint! Hint! However, I steered her in the right direction. I also had to tell her that Heroes, which she loves, is actually a comic. You should have seen her gaping mouth when I told her of all the other non-superhero movies and television shows that originated from comics. Should not this new audience be targeted better? comicmania
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