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  1. We went to this comic con to get Heydon Christensen and Ian McDiarmid, taking our little boy who’s just four months old. By 1400 it was looking like we wouldn’t get either! We had ticket 190 for HC and 297 for IM. At 1600 we popped to see how the HC queue was going and we were allowed to jump in the queue with ticket 190 even though they were only calling upto 160. When in that queue my partner nipped to see how the queue for IM was doing; they were only calling up to about 100! Got chatting to some amazing guy in the HC queue and we said we were a bit disappointed as the IM autograph we wanted was actually for our little chap... he only went and pulled out ticket 28 for IM and handed it to us! WHAT THE HELL!! HC wrote an amazing quote on our picture to match our lads babygrow despite the crew member saying he wasn’t writing anything or doing personalisation , as did IM who said “I see a young apprentice in you” to our little one :) It was all just so awesome and well worth the sweat... man it was hot in there!!!!
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