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  1. I sent NEC Birmingham an email after last year’s (2018} DST, where there was the same situation with the disabled toilets. I just had a standard apology reply and found the situation unchanged at this year’s Collectmania.
  2. NEC Birmingham, has plenty of room if you’re in a wheelchair, it isn’t crowded with fans either. Collectmania is a great introduction to Comic Con. Not as busy as London, so you can easily adjust yourself to the etiquette of the Con and experience the enjoyment of it. The guests appear calmer which leads to quality engagements with them. There was just one problem, only one disabled toilet was available for use in the exhibition hall, even though there are two. Check out my experience here of Collectmania. https://redshirtsid.simdif.com/page-569588.html
  3. I have to admit, I believe this years London Film & Comic Con, has been the best yet. As a wheelchair user, Saturday, was more of a effort to get around due to the crowd of people there. But with careful planning beforehand, I managed to get all the things I wanted done. Having an ‘Extra Help’, wristband was a godsend. Checkout my time here and those I met. https://redshirtsid.simdif.com/page-566928.html
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