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  1. Thank you! I used the correct email, I just wrote it incorrectly here :)
  2. Thank you VERY much! I'll send the email immediately to crew@showmastersevent.com
  3. Hello! It's been a while since someone wrote on this thread, but I have a question that no one was able to answer in the Newbie section. This year will be my first time coming to LFCC and I applied for the helper position for the Saturday. I'm still waiting for an answer, but the tickets are selling out fast, from what I gathered. My question is: can I buy the entrance ticket now for Sat and then, if I get the job, get reimbursed? Otherwise I'll risk not getting the job AND not being able to go the con, but I've already booked my flights and hotel room. Thanks!
  4. Oooooh thank you! I completely missed that part
  5. 1. how can I contact the head of crew and/or the office? Or do they respond here? 2. I wanted to use my VQs with Lana Parrilla, who is a diamond guest. I understand the schedule and priority and all that stuff, I was just wondering if I can use all 3 VQs for her, as long as I have 3 of her autographs. I'm not planning on gifting the VQs to friends! 3. That's what I thought, thank you :)
  6. Hello everyone! Newbie here! A friend and I applied as helpers for Saturday a couple of days ago, but I have some questions: 1. Since we're still waiting for an answer, but the Sat tickets are almost sold out (from what I read in other threads), what can we do? If we buy the entry tickets now, but then get accepted as helpers, will we be reimbursed of the entrance ticket? Or we risk not getting accepted AND the tickets selling out. 2. As helpers, we get 3 VQs for free: can we use them all for the same actor (obviously only during Saturday)? Also, since VQs are numbered, would I get 3 consecutive numbers or random ones? 3. VQs are only to be used if I also have an autograph, correct? If I only want to talk to an actor, I don't need a VQ, just go up to them when they're free... would I be able to ask for a selfie in that moment (if the actor is willing of course), or can i get selfies only during an autograph session? Thank you!
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