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  1. Not unexpectedly, some of the Spurs players failed to turn up today with Ossie, Tony P, Paul Miller and Gary Mabbutt absent. Really want to say a big thank you to Graham Roberts, Mike Hazard, Mark Falco and Tony Galvin for making it just hours after returning from Madrid. Could have so easily cancelled but didn't. They really care about the fans. Brilliant lads.
  2. That's great. Many thanks for the confirmation. Just hope the Spanish airport staff don't go on strike! :)
  3. Thanks for the reply. It would be most appreciated if Showmasters can get clarification as soon as possible. I may have wasted money on a ticket, but at least I can save some on travel.
  4. I think it may prevent those players who are still attached to the club in a corporate sense. That will include Mabbutt, Ardiles, Miller, Hazard, Roberts and Falco. I suspect they will get tickets to go to the game because of this. Cliff Jones has already said that the club have invited him, so I presume the others will be also. I have bought a ticket just to see these guys so I would be gutted if they cancelled. It would be difficult for them to attend the day after final. Could Showmasters contact the representative of these guys to ask rather than waiting to be told?
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