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  1. @wjbleming Yep Same email. Every response each month is im getting to it but then nothing. Either need more staff of limit orders.
  2. Still not recieved my pre ordered autograph for Collette - is there some one i can complain to other than the email address for preorders?
  3. Daft question - what are the Autograph times? For Photos with Mark & Jeanettr I take it just turn up before the Photo A time
  4. Oh Okay. Two weeks is too early ? Maaan I'm looking like I'm too organised
  5. Thanks Guys will keep my eyes peeled. Daft Q - do they sign the picture for photo shoot ?
  6. Hi, I've got a ticket on Sunday BATCH ONE to meet Jenny and Mark but just a normal entry ticket - is that right or do I need an early bird ticket for BATCH ONE
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