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  1. Noticed Bella Ramsey and Ellie Kendrick autograph prices gone up by £5 . Was it just an error in the original listing ? Hope nobody else I want goes up in price.
  2. Thanks for the information. Even though it's individual queues are signers from the same show or same sport close to each other? Hoping to minimize the amount of time spent trying to find where the people I want to meet are!
  3. First time going to a collectormania, wanted to ask some basic questions about autograph queues . 1) Is there an individual line for each guest or are there lines for groups of people like say the footballers or Game of Thrones actors where there is one line and you get all the autographs in one go? 2) Is the virtual queue number system used for all signers or only the popular ones? 3) If the virtual queue system is only used for the more popular signers is it announced in advance who these are or do you find out after entering the show? Really looking forward to this.
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