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  1. Hello there, I was wondering if there's a list anywhere of the retailers that will be at the Sheffield Film & Comic Con 2016? I expected a list to be here: http://filmandcomicconsheffield.com/index.php/2014-09-29-15-24-14/merchandise-and-dealers but there isn't one. It would be interesting if there are any retailers that were there last year along with any new ones. Thanks.
  2. This is the prop in question: However, I did see some guys cosplaying as umbrella soldiers last year and their guns were full black. Mine is 50% orange and abides by realistic imitation firearms regulations 2007 And yes, I travel by car.
  3. Hey everyone, This year I plan to take a weapon prop with me as part of my cosplay. I have read the Cosplay Guidelines, but I'm still unsure if I'll be able to take it in with me or not. My weapon prop is an M4A1 assault rifle as I'm cosplaying as a Division Agent. It's constructed from ABS plastic parts that I found online for cheap. When fully constructed it is an empty plastic shell, nothing more. I believe they were parts for the outer shell of an airsoft gun as the main body is painted orange, but because it's just a hollow shell with nothing inside I think it should be ok to bring with me. The magazine that slots inside is also hollow. I'm just looking for a second opinion and maybe some info from other people that have taken weapon props before. Thanks :)
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