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  1. hi whats the weather for the weekend down in exeter for Friday sat and sun ?
  2. yes and if she doesent like it then she has another taken
  3. is there a premier inn near exeter central station
  4. the main is to see robert as hes not at London.. yep comming down on the train and will be staying a few nights istill looking for a cheap hotel or b and b
  5. just curious how big is this event.. the reason i ask is that im comming from Yorkshire which is about 6hr train trip and was hoping its a big event :-)
  6. great actress saw here at manchester well worth going to see very very friendly :-) may just go see here again
  7. its a shame i was really looking forward to seeing her and am comming from a long ways away still Colette Hiller is great I saw her at Manchester event I'm still live in hope about Robert Englund will be there
  8. hi all Is there any B&B close to event or hotel close as ill be traveling down hopfully friday and dont know the area and dont want to be to far away if i can help it thx for any help
  9. would there be any chance robert would be at London event ? i am looking forward to comming just to see robert :-)
  10. which train station is best to get off at picadilly or victoria
  11. hi will the transformer viacles be there sunday
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