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  1. I know Matt photo-ops will be hugely popular and time will be limited, but any chance we may see a double photo-op with Arthur Darvil?
  2. Anyone know if the Tom and TARDIS shoot is the exterior (like Chris and Matt) or the green screen console (like Paul and Colin)? I had pressumed it was the TARDIS exterior but I can't see it in the info on the site or Eventbrite.
  3. Would be good if we could get a bit more info about the TARDIS photos. In front of a prop, even if only partially visible, sounds good but not keen if a green screen photo.
  4. Hi guys This is my first post on this forum but I have been coming to Showmaster events for over a year now. I would definitely be interested in group shots, esp Colin and Nicola, Sylv and Bonnie, Sylv and Sophie. I don't know if Showmaster organisers find there is much demand, but I remember the Frazer Hines & Wendy Padbury group shots at the Winter London FCC were popular. What do others think?
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