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  1. Two Questions! 1. What time is it best to arrive at the arena with an early bird ticket based on the queues and such? 2. Is there a cloakroom or storeroom or something to store bags and suitcases as we can't leave them at the hotel Sunday? Thanks!
  2. It says Samuel Anderson's attending Sunday on this page but Saturday on his guest announcement page? Can you verify which day he's deffo at please? :)
  3. Any Doctor Who guests like Jenna Coleman, Catherine Tate, Bernard Cribbins (list could go on here) :)
  4. Does the London Olympia have anywhere to store luggage or bags at all? Will be having to check out of my hotel Sunday and don't really want to lug my bag around the comic con.
  5. Hi all, not been to a London Comic Con before so was wondering which hotels around Kensington have people found the best to stay at for previous conventions? :)
  6. I'm hoping to stay over so I can attend both days. But the Travelodge Hotel won't let me store my suitcase after check out. Does the arena have any Luggage storing facilities so I don't have to lug them all over the convention? :)
  7. Map would help, can study the layout on the train 2mora morning!
  8. If you're that early I am pretty sure you will be among the first in the standard queue. It's even possible that there's still a small portion of the early bird line there depending on how close to 9 you arrive. Ahh good, I'm getting the first train there. I'd rather queue for while before 11 than get there later and get in even later :)
  9. Also, I've got a general entry ticket and hoping to arrive at the arena at half 9ish (Ino how big the queues can be at these) does anyone from past experience know roughly how long I'd be queuing up for after 11am?
  10. I've booked a photoshoot ticket with Frazer Hines but he's only on the schedule for 5 minutes. Does that mean I was the only one or few that booked him or is there going to be a frantic dash with his slot?
  11. Hi y'all! Just wondering if anyone will be going as the Doctor for SFCC on the Saturday and which Doctor? I'll be going as my own personal Doctor (my profile picture minus my Doctor's coat and brolly)
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