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  1. Ok great I will look out for that. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Thought I would try posting on here as I have already tried posting under the Garret Wang thread and had no luck.Basicly I am attending on Sunday I am coming to the event on my own and was wondering if any other Trek fans want to meet up? I am a long time fan and live in the local area but dont know any one else that loves the show so it would be great to meet up with someone(S) else that loves the show as much as I do. So if any one is interested please do get in touch. Barry
  3. Hi all, I am coming to this event all day Sunday and am a huge trek fan and was wondering if anyone wants to meet up as I don't have any trek friends and I am attening this event on my own, I live in the local area and it would be great to meet up with some other trek fans male of female. Hope to hear back from someone Barry.
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