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  1. Nobody is blaming Stan Lee we understand he is 92! but tickets to see him were massively oversold. Why were VQ tickets (on Sunday) just handed out willy-nilly (numbers went way over 1000) when there is no way Stan could have physically signed this many in one day plus attend talks and photo sessions. I heard one member of staff (in Red) saying "if your number is up to 500 you stand a chance - a very small chance, but if you number is over this I don't fancy your chances!" if this is the case then why give our VQs way over 1000? Ticket numbers should be capped - end of !! Any pressure felt by Stan was caused by Showmaster ! Also why not have the one hall purely for Stan (i.e have his signings, photos, and talks all in one hall?) this would save Stan having to walk around from one hall to another throughout the day which I am sure would have helped him. Also we went on Sunday and didn't know which queue to join to get in when we arrived there was no signage. We asked one member of staff "do we queue in the Early Bird queue first to get in or can we queue to get into the Stan Lee Hall because we want to get a VQ ticket for an autograph" and she said "what do you want to do first?". We were under the impression before we arrived we had to go to the Early Bird queue first otherwise we wouldn't be able to get in to the Stan Lee hall but it turned out this wasn't the case. We decided to queue for the Stan Lee Hall as we didn't want to miss the opportunity for an autograph, but found when we got inside that we had to queue again for a VQ ticket and then overhear that its unlikely you will get one if your number is over 500 (ours was!!!). Health and Safety was horrendous, if there had been a fire it would certainly not have been easy to get everyone out. Also the food was way over priced over £2.00 for a 500ml bottle of water (you can buy this size of bottle from the supermarket for 50p) and to have sausage or bacon baps for sale (again over priced) only to be told when ordering that only hot dogs are available, again overpriced at nearly £4.00 - was the food pricing depicted by Showmaster or the venue?
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