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  1. Hoping there's a second convention as i had a brilliant time this past weekend. The guests were so down to earth and i felt the crew handled everything well. Would like to see more dealer stalls next time (if there's a next time)
  2. If something prevents you from going can you swap to an absentee pack? I know there would be no refund of any excess but just wanted to know if this was a possibility?
  3. Saw a pic on facebook showing a Power Rangers Convention next February in Birmingham. Is it real or fake as there's no other details. The poster has other showmasters cons listed including Belfast Comic Con. The poster can be seen here: http://www.rangerboard.com/showthread.php?p=4733672#post4733672
  4. Hoping we get some good guests like the other shows (would love to meet some power rangers actors)
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