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  1. So in essence your making the Die hard fans pay for free stuff for the standard tickets. Wow prob not the best answer. I get that if you want earlier access it comes at a premium but why should that premium be an extra £7 for an adult and an extra £12 for a child, I'd be happy if their was an early bird child's ticket at the same £7 difference likewise with a weekend ticket option. What Showmasters don't seem to take into accoutn with the pricing structure is that as an Adult going with other adults they simple have their own source of income to pay for this, where as a family of 4 is paid for on e or two adults. why can't you simply just keep prices fair, if you offer a child rate for one then a child rate should be available for all
  2. So later 11am is fine but before 11am you have to pay a premium, the staff and crew members are generally nice people and welcoming but I think its wrong to make children pay the extra £17. If they are going to offer child reduced prices then it should be on all ticket types not just one, dont get me wrong my son has a photo shoot ticket and I'm happy to pay the set price of £45 because it is a set price. I just dont agree with the pricing nor how the lady on the phone said it and ended the call
  3. Thanks for the responses, i still just think showmasters needs to be more child friendly
  4. Since when did showmasters become child unfriendly, when we first started coming to these events they had family tickets and now they don't and now this is the worst part. Considering my children aged 8 and 9 are the sole reason we as a group attend these events, i was shocked to be told over the phone that their is no early bird or weekend ticket available for children if I want the early bird option for my children they would have to pay the full price so what happens if the Stan Lee photo shoots are pre 11am and I'm buying standard entry because I refuse to pay the £17 difference for each child.
  5. Now I'm a big fan favorite, I have been and prob always will I have enough toys and 2 tattoos to back that up. with this year being all about the 30year mark and Hasbro re-releasing 30 collector editions of the toys. I'm pretty sure we will see a big influence on both old and new, PETER CULLEN - is probably the most notable voice over star even if he is store too. Frank WelKer - A voice over from the original cartoon series and Charles Adler - People talk of him being the voice of Starscream but he was also the voice of many transformers in the beginning. These three are probably the people for voices as aside from there transformers roles have done so much voice work it makes them some of the best voice over stars of the last 3 decades. The optimus prime truck from the Bay films has been on tour in the UK so this is also a pretty good option I think bumblebees, iron hide and ratchet were too at one point. Lets not forget Simon Furman who has been the comic writer from get go and already attending lfcc. The model robots used for film work stand anywhere between 15-45ft tall so maybe not them having said that there are some awesome fantastic sculptures who have done stand up jobs that are small a quick Google will show that.
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