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  1. Good question. That's what I want to know, too.
  2. Think that's exactly the point. Informations were promised. Then it doesn't work as planed. That's okay and can happen. But giving a hint on the forum would be very helpful. Maybe in the future? :)
  3. If there had been any further news then they would have announced it. Yes we know this. But please understand us too. This tour was announced in JANUARY. And details were promised soon. And now we have nearly august. One month before the event!!!
  4. The only thing I think he was first announced for both days. Now the topic says only Sunday.
  5. Sorry. But must ask again. Any news. Coming from Germany (especially for this tour). Want to buy my photo opps. And don't want to pay the shipping costs twice. And we are really closed before the event! The first announcment for the tour was in January. And you promised us details soon!!!
  6. So incredible. Hope sooooooo sooooo I get a card.
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