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  1. SammyRomie I was referring to the TheWizard comment about if you see a fan with a blue pen then it'll be to sell on or they're a dealer don't recall your comments so not sure what you took from mine!!!!
  2. Oh I didn't know who he was until I saw him in Transcendence last night!!! Good film so I might meet this fella 😃
  3. I shouldn't worry as you can see from the posts on here that there only seems to be one person who equates blue pen to dealer, the rest of us would either not care or just think that you were matching it to the pic!!!!
  4. This please ha ha ha On a side note does anyone know why I can't like posts anymore will save me from having to quote everything, cheers
  5. I always wonder why people post stuff like this? There will always be guests from the most popular franchises. That'll never stop. Plus these guests will have already been signed up.. Are they the most popular franchises anymore though or is it just easier to get guests that the organisers are fans of? I would've thought Sherlock was giving Dr Who a run for it's money now and these events get saturated with more and more Dr Who and Star Wars guests which I have to say quite often are repeaters surely the money for these guys could be pooled together to maybe look at getting someone in from a different fandom, try and broaden the horizons a bit??
  6. It's all about personal choice just because I don't want my name on it doesn't mean I'm less of a fan, and I might just take along a blue sharpie now just for sh*ts and giggles, you're a strange one indeed
  7. Right now I'd say Benedict Cumberbatch and he was amazing, sweet, chatty, friendly and ridiculously polite, a true star!!
  8. Oh no not Shannen well not unless she's cheered up since last time, she was awful worst guest I've ever met and the biggest waste of money I've ever had in all my years of doing these things!!
  9. Every guest is different, I'm quite shy (at first or until I've had a drink!!) and some guests will pick up on that and do what they can to put you at ease and converse with you, Brian Krause overheard me talking to my mum in the queue as I handed my pic over to be signed to his assistant, I just so happened to be saying to mum that I thought it was a shame there were no shirtless shots (yes I'm shallow!!) of him like there were other guests and before I could even splutter out a hello he'd whipped his shirt up to flash his beautifully toned tummy and asked me why would I want to see this old thing with a gorgeous smile and a wink, quite how he expected me to carry on a conversation after that I will never know, to this day though it's one of the nicest encounters I've had and the fact that he was relaxed and chilled enough to do something like that was great Or you could just be a clumsy devil in my Adam Baldwin photo shoot he went to shake my hand I went to put my arm round him, it was all very awkward and I ended up standing on his toes, he was lovely about it, but it had the added bonus that he remembered me when I went to get my auto from him and we had a great conversation about me being clumsy and him coming to the rescue, that and I had an Independence day photo for him to sign so we conversed around that too. The easiest way is if you are shy and nervous just to go in with a nice polite Hi how are you and you can't go far wrong, with guests from overseas one of the best questions I find is are you enjoying England and are you seeing anymore of it or going straight home, that can lead to all sorts of chats and I once got a restaurant and hotel recommendation for when I visited New York. And if all that fails just take some one else with you who can chat for Britain and chime in when you need to, my mum is the best she can and will talk to anyone about anything and has no fear she doesn't care if they're famous or not to her they're all just people so quite often if I'm very starstruck I let her go first and start the conversation up and then piggy back onto it from there. The more events you do the less nervy you'll be, at my first con 12 years ago I couldn't speak for nerves at meeting the stars now there are only very few that render me speechless Eeeek that post was longer than I intended
  10. I normally go for the hug if possible as I do tend to get a bit tongue tied around the pretty men guests ha ha ha well that and I can never think of anything clever or quirky enough although not really a pose this is one of my fave photos ever https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152200731288172&set=a.428186218171.224040.776763171&type=3&theater
  11. Yeeeeeessss! When I first heard about this I was so excited to go out and buy a swanky dress. I still could but would probably look like a bit of a prat. Oh well! Exactly I'd love to play dress up but not wearing anything posh if everyone else will be in jeans etc don't want to look a fool!!!
  12. For the love of God please no more Doctor Who or Star Wars guests!!! Thanks a bunch 😃
  13. Is it just me that would've liked a dress code for this, love any excuse to get glammed up, either way we're really looking forward to this event!!
  14. Ian Somerhalder & Josh Holloway please
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