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  1. pols4tre

    Welcome to Middle Earth!

    Dom and Billy would be great to have :)
  2. I met him at The Hobbit premiere last week in London. Very nice guy :)
  3. pols4tre

    Welcome to Middle Earth!

    So excited! :) Can't wait!
  4. pols4tre

    some news from last night

    Awesome story :) Good to hear that you got to explain about the event to the cast members themselves. Can;t wait to hear about the event next year! P.S: I was waiting outside the premier last night - was very very cold, but got to meet the cast :)
  5. Hope to hear about this soon! :)
  6. I'm so glad thy this event will be held next year - December was too short notice and wouldn't have gained enough publicity for it to be successful. Now that the official film makers are involved, it's looking to be a very exciting event! Thank you Showmasters for all of the updates and letting people know about what's happened - perhaps a tiny bit sooner would have been good, but what's past is past. At least now there's plenty of time to focus on making the 2013 event the best Tolkien con ever, with great guests :)
  7. I met him in New York back in 2010 :)
  8. Agree wholeheartedly :) I'm eager to see what comes of this new event and support ME, despite the frustration at the postponement - I've been to some ME events before, which have all been great fun and am excited that this event is being tied in with the Hobbit release. Also, I know how annoying it can be to organise events only to have the Big Boys come in and take matters out of your hands. Hopefully good things will come in the long run for this event!
  9. Frustrating news indeed, but thank you for the update. I can now go and cancel my hotel (luckily getting my money back!) and try to clear up my diary for December 14th/15th (although I think I'm booked into seeing the Hobbit film on the 15th...) Thank you for the update, although it would have been welcome a little sooner.
  10. I'm booked into that hotel too but haven't received any phone calls about a cancellation...
  11. A call to New Zealand? :)
  12. I'm still hopeful this event will take place and am confident the organisers will announce something soon. It's already been said, but all we can do is be patient - announcements can't be made until things are 100% official - imagine if a certain guest was announced without a formal deal being made with them - things could fall through and we'd all be left very disappointed. It's not a professional way of doing things, so ME are doing the right thing by waiting until things are official. Remember, good things come to those who wait!
  13. Eagerly awaiting the news :)
  14. pols4tre

    Remaining guests? :)

    Very random, but I work in a little village called Shere, near Guildford and Dom Monaghan is filming a movie here. I saw him today as I went on my lunch break (they were filming on set, which is literally behind my office). I wanted to try and see if I could talk to him and ask if he'd heard about the con. Unfortunately, he was whisked away before I could approach him. The filming schedule ends today, but it's making me wonder if he'd be free for this or not. I hope so!
  15. pols4tre

    My friend phoned up...

    Why would the event be cancelled and then Mark writes that he hopes that "we like what [they] have to say"? I think a lot of people have received different snippets of information from different sources and things have gotten mixed up. Let's wait until tomorrow for the official word :)