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  1. Thanks Rhianydd, Very helpful and welcoming email. Regards D
  2. Thanks etmuse and ziggy31. Your replies are very reassuring and greatly appreciated. D
  3. Scarily this is the only way I can contact you. I've never spent so much money buying something from "invisible" people and it makes me very nervous. As I said when I paid for the ticket. I will be out of town for a week, and then will travel directly to the event on my way home. I know you said tickets don't go out until two weeks before, ie from today, but is that just a start date? If my ticket has not arrived by Saturday 1 September, it will be too late. In this scenario my plan B is to turn up with my passport, my booking receipt and the credit card I paid with. Will this be acceptable? Also, do tickets arrive as normal post or must they be signed for? Please help, or direct me to someone who can advise. Regards, Dee S
  4. I must decide asap if I need to book accommodation for Sunday night. What time is the closing event likely to end?
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