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  1. any updates on this? and also i have sent an email reclaiming my money back yet no reply..
  2. Ok they sent back an e-mail. Thanks all!
  3. With your email or booking reference number this should give you all the detail you need. "Can I cancel or amend my booking? Published 30/11/2011 11.05 AM | Updated 01/06/2012 01.10 PM Yep, as long as you make any cancellations or changes in line with the hotel's policy you will not be charged a penny. The cancellation policy can be found on both the hotel details page and your booking confirmation. Cancellation policies can vary, so please make sure you check the details when booking. If you want to change your booking you can either do it online via My Account or, if you don't have an account, via the My Booking on our homepage. Alternatively, call our customer service line on 0844 774 2002". http://laterooms.cus...pp/answers/list thanks a lot but apparently I cannot cancel the booking online, I need to call through telephone.. The UK landline is +44 right?
  4. I use laterooms for colleagues at work and unless they have changed their policy, you can cancel up to 48 hours (2 days) before your booking. With this much notice you should be ok I used that too! but I am calling yet there seems to be no response. do you have their email or something?
  5. I have bought flights as I'm not from UK but ill try to visit London instead as there is no chance for a refund of flights..
  6. The hotel i booked with is non-refundable.. I mean it is fair on me? ...
  7. true, weird situation for both of us..
  8. the locations has changed or the date as well?
  9. Let's hope this won't be changed to another date but another event of LOTR and the Hobbit will be organized as well next year
  10. So the event is still on in the same dates?
  11. with standard admission you wont have photos right?
  12. matagi

    My friend phoned up...

    let's hope for the best people!! i hope it doesn't get cancelled!
  13. Any news about the remaining guests? :)
  14. No i asked about when am I going to receive my tickets and they replied to me the dates of when they are going to send the tickets.
  15. I asked about my tickets since i haveent received them and they have sent back
  16. I guess there are a bit busy due the to next event Chevron 7.9, maybe they will focus more on our event after the 4th November
  17. matagi

    Remaining guests? :)

    no chance I would see Elijah or Gandalf then
  18. matagi

    Remaining guests? :)

    hobbits guests will be invited? i don't so :/
  19. matagi

    Remaining guests? :)

    Watching Billy and John is already enough but I am excited for the other guests! I wish I would see Sir Ian or Viggo..
  20. matagi

    Remaining guests? :)

    thanks for the fast reply :) Are there going to be more guest though? thanks!
  21. The ticket is the programme. Looks like a copy and paste error. I will forward this to get it fixed. hi the error is still not fixed and it seems like the 'contact us and the terms and condition links are not working either. thanks