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  1. I'm really sorry - but when I booked my order (reference 11701 ) for 2 gold passes last night we were having all sorts of problems with our internet connection and I had to fill the form in a couple of times before we finally hit checkout and I noticed when I later viewed the order that I hadn't "put both ticket holder names below" as requested - i think with all the confusion i did it the first time and then forgot the second. I did go in and add them afterwards but now I can't see if that has been logged or not... . I did email 'info@showmasters' as soon as I realised but I've had no reply and now I'm starting to panic.... there's no phone number anywhere or I would have called. Please help and I'm sorry if this is not the way to notify about these things - I'm new to forums and still finding my way around so please forgive me. thanks (fingers crossed)
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