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  1. Hello there David B, Thank you for your reply sir. Could you please inform the staff that I have sent them an E-Mail, When would they reply to it ? Regards
  2. Hello there Showmasters, I am new to all of this. Are Daleks allowed down at The Entertainment Media Show event ? If so how do we go about signing them up etc ? My Brother In Law & my wife recently built three Full Size Daleks (NSD) ones before the rubbish Teletubbie style Daleks 2010 designs came along, My wife has got a Youtube channel & there first outing was to support Castle Mead Radio in our local town - Hinckley, East Midlands, Leicestershire. Please visit her account: http://www.youtube.com/user/Poody571953 " Hinckley Carnival Day 2011 X 3 Video's " We raise money also for Max Appeal, My son suffer's from DiGeorge Syndrome (22q11.2 deletion) he cannot go out anywhere on his own, He finds it hard to make friends, Not got much confedence, Weak Immune System, Asthma, Special Needs & other problems but at least he can walk and talk ok. He's got a problem with his Spine we found out that he's got an S shaped or a Curved like Spine & doctor's said that could get worse as he get's older. My son is almost 27 years old, He holds down a Voluntary weekly show on Castle Mead Radio presenting the show live & playing music from the 1950's up to 2000's. He also raises the profile of the Voluntary & Charity based Station & this year it's Castle Mead Radio's 21st Birthday & so we are raising money with our Full Size Daleks to help out CMR. They've got a brand new website online, This is much better than there old website. Go to www.castlemeadradio.co.uk To visit Max Appeal's website: www.maxappeal.org.uk Max Appeal's Patron is Anthony Head well known in the Cult TV area, I took my son along to Collectormania 17 it was our first event. And we got to meet our Patron for Max Appeal - Anthony Head, If you look on Max Appeal's website you'll see a photo of Anthony & my son Craig on there front page which was taken at Collectormania 17. I hope to come to London & meet Mr David Tennant with one of our Daleks if that is possible
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