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  1. Well if there is some excellent guests this year like there were last year which made me decide to go to my first ever Event (i.e thank you Showmasters for getting David Tennant and Georgia Moffett, without them I would not have gone!) I hope there will be some more Who guests that will tempt me into going. Though I would like Mr Tennant again... partly because by the time I got the chance to meet him it was such a rush and I could not get a word in... perhaps next time he might not be billed as the Big Guest.
  2. That happened to me as well. The person kept on chatting to David while he was signing my stuff but I couldn't even get a word out... thankfully my mum managed a very brief chat to him but my only criticism is that perhaps next time in situations like this, things are passed to David once the other person has left, though I understand that might not be able to happen all the time... It was a shame that I was unable to just say something to him because of other people hanging around...
  3. Is there going to be someone to replace Alex in the Doctor Who talk at all? Or will it just be Georgia Moffett, Frances Barber and Caitlen Blackwood? I guess David Tennant will be a little too busy...
  4. Ok, thank you both. I will do so, thank you for the advice :)
  5. I'm coming with my mother, but when I'd be talking to the guest if there is no photo sign, does that mean since my mum won't be interacting with the guest at all she won't be able to take photos of them at the table if there is a no photo sign? Cos that's what she is really coming for to take photos while I meet the guests....
  6. There is The Cafe Bar, and looking at the EC map a Terrace Restraunt (if that's accessible). Thank for that. At least I know that I don't have to bring something now.
  7. Is there any refreshments available? Like food/water throughout the day? Or do we have to bring our own?
  8. Having never been to an event before, I'd just like some clarification on something regarding autographs. I would pay the £45 for David's autograph but is there things for him to sign at the table (as I do not have anything that I can bring with me) and would there be an additional cost for these on top of the £45? Or any pictures at the signing table, are they free? I'd just like to know how much money I should bring with me on the day, as I'll be meeting other guests as well...?
  9. Oh that's good then. I'm going to the paid for talks and am seats 19 and 20 so presumably I will be quite close to the front then and have a good view of the guests?
  10. I was out when the postman came but I have to go and pick up 2 envelopes tomorrow from my local post office and sign for them... I'm presuming that means they are my talk tickets and my other entry ticket...
  11. Orders are usually only sent when all of the tickets for that order have been printed. It's possible that they have been waiting for that to happen. No need to worry yet. There is still plenty of time for them to arrive. Though what would happen if they didn't (early entry tickets)? Cos I'm still missing one of mine though it should be on its way now but its genuine curiosity here so I know what to do if they didn't turn up! :)
  12. Excellent... There doesn't seem to be any clashes for me... Georgia's photoshoot is first for me and then david's straight after. Got a relatively low number for Georgia (21) and for David (283) so I should be able to make both presumably....
  13. That happened to me too, but emailed Hazel and got a reply within 24 hours saying they'd send it out so I'm just waiting for it to arrive now... hopefully it will come soon.... as well as the 2 tickets for the doctor who talk as well... In the worst case scenario, if my other early bird entry ticket didn't arrive what would happen? Would my mum and I still be able to get in via early bird if I had the order confirmation and everything since I have one of the tickets anyway?
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