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  1. - 1 individual Photo Shoot with each attending guests (Taken in our studio by a professional photographer, one 6x9 print of each photo will be available immediately) this is what it says for gold ticket yet people on here saying it doenst who is right
  2. Who is guy with glasses in photo is he Douglas Millsome ?
  3. Ive ordered photo shoot with Hannah Spearitt from Primevil as now there is a double with her colleague can i upgrade to double by paying the difference ? if so when how etc Regards Gary
  4. OOOPS POSTED IN WRONG PLACE BEFORE SORRY Re photo shoot Christopher Lloyd 10.05 saturday travel to event inc b & b (friday ) costing over £100 as cant get up on saturday I have standard ticket so cant get in until 11 am means i will miss the photoshoot ive paid for because of time it set for .....comments advice please am already on low budget Regards Gaz
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