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  1. I took screen prints on my phone of the levels so I could see where the photo shoots area were. It was so helpful to me and it meant I could find things on my own.

    I also did a post-it note before getting to the show with the two photo times for each guest and the photo area they were in.

    I treat a show like this the same way I would going on holiday somewhere - prepare and note down everything.


    It was hot and full of people, but I have been caught up in mosh pits at gigs so I was prepared! haha

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  2. Denis O'Hare - I HAVE TO MEET HIM. Everything he is in is gold.


    Alexander Skarsgård - Yes, yes he's good looking, but really he's just my fave character in the show.


    Anna Paquin - why the hell not? :D

  3. I met Sir Derek Jacobi, Vivica A. Fox, Clive Barker, Doug Bradley, Veronica Cartwright, Robert Knepper and Tom Sizemore. My friends and I agreed that Tom really stood out. What a nice man! Also a very honest talk as well. He had some great stories.


    Have you say though, that all the guests I met were brilliant. Thanks SM!

  4. Completely agree. I had hoped to get my name on the auto, but I didn't care, I just wanted to meet him. What a lovely man. You could see he was in pain, but he was still signing past 3pm. Really lovely meeting with him and he was especially nice to my friend who met him before me.


    Thanks Clive :angry:

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