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  1. Hi All, If Mark Hamill was to come to our show we would need him to agree to sign Star Wars pictures. Showmasters
  2. Please see reply to previous post http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index....=7&t=283&st=20& Sorry, but we don't have access to your password either! That's all handled automatically and is kept secret, even from us. I'll see if I can try and alter the security settings and find out your password, but I wouldn't hold your breath...
  3. My 2 all time favourites are: "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War room!" - Dr Strangelove "My God! It's a giant killer carrot!" - The Thing (From Another Planet) original version and of course the Showmasters unofficial motto: "It's not the age, it's the milage" - Raiders of the Lost Ark
  4. Sorry, but we don't have access to your password either! That's all handled automatically and is kept secret, even from us. I'll see if I can try and alter the security settings and find out your password, but I wouldn't hold your breath...
  5. Neither! I'm Andrea. Confusing, huh!
  6. We're back! I'm not going to comment on ANY guest rumours until we have definite confirmation!
  7. Bruce Lee would be a really awesome guest...
  8. Oh ok then, just a sneak preview. For Star Wars fans we have Mr P. Cushing, and there's a possibility of B. Carloff for all you horror fans as well.
  9. Oops, sorry this ended up being posted twice for some reason! I wasn't being shirty or anything (sorry if it came across like that) the second post was purely accidental.
  10. We have already talked to a large number of actors and their agents, including quite a few from the Star Wars genre. However we don't have any definite confirmations yet, so sorry but I can't comment on the possible-Carrie-Fisher rumour.
  11. We have already talked to a large number of actors and their agents, including quite a few from the Star Wars genre. However we don't have any definite confirmations yet, so sorry but I can't comment on the possible-Carrie-Fisher rumour.
  12. Great suggestions so far. We'll try to tie in the screenings with the guests we'll have again. An all day marathon probably won't be feasable though, if you're watching movies all day you won't have a chance to meet the guests at C4!
  13. Only 140 days to go? Now that is scary
  14. Over the next few weeks I will be "spring cleaning" the Collectormania website ready to start all over again on C4. If you have any great photos or video footage of the guests or the event we'd love to see them and possibly include them in the forthcoming C3 gallery. If you would like to send us your pictures our e-mail address is info@showmastersonline.com We'd also love to read your reviews and hear any stories you may have of C3. You can post them in the "Previous Collectormania Events" forum here http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.....php?act=SF&f=4
  15. We're back! Yes we've finally (just!) recovered from C3, and work is already underway for C4. We would still like to hear all your guest suggestions for the next and future Collectormania events, but we'd appreciate you listing them in the "Guest Suggestions" section. It make's it much easier to review the names listed and assess who would be potential guests for the future. As with C3 we won't be naming names until the guests have definitely been confirmed. We're not doing this to wind anyone up, just to stop any confusion caused by the many rumours which seem to spring up! The first few guests will be listed on our main Collectormania website as soon as we have firm details http://www.collectormania.com We will also be letting everyone on the forum know as soon possible, too. I will be starting on the daunting task of "spring cleaning" the entire Showmastersonline and Collectormania websites in the next few weeks. Unfortunately the work may cause some disruption to the site and possibly the forum as well. I will try to keep any disruption to a minimum but if you find any broken links or empty pages please bear with me and try again in a day or so. Finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported us by attending C3. I hope to see you all at C4 (and thanks to Jason for coming up with a great tag line for the next event!).
  16. Hi everyone. Just a quick post to let you know we are here and reading your comments. Its great to see that so many of you have enjoyed the event. We certainly have, and the guests also have expressed how much they enjoyed meeting all of you. I have had a lot of chats with all the guests and they all say how much it means to them to meet you all and how great it is to be appreciated. They also commented on how polite and pleasant everyone was. Once we have recovered from it all we will get to work updating the site and putting our pics and videos on there so keep an eye out later in the week and we will put it up as soon as we can. Thanks to you all for coming.....Look forward to C4.... Organisation starts tomorrow!!! Andy
  17. I've contacted the council about the Park and Ride, as I had also heard that it was not running on Bank Holiday Monday. The service will run as usual on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but not Monday. However the car park will still be open and there is still a regular bus service from within the coach station itself (just around the corner) so you will still be able to get to and from the city centre easily. I'm not sure what time the last bus will be though, so if you are planning on staying all day it might be worth just checking.
  18. What, you want MORE guests! Only joking! (we have actually had quite a few requests not to get any more guests, I guess the more we have, the less likely it is you will have the time to meet everyone you came to see.) We don't have plans for any more guests, although if we receive confirmation from an actor we invited ages ago we're probably not going to turn them down! Either way, we will post changes or additions to the guest line up on the website as soon as we find out, to give everyone as much notice as possible. As for the Obi Wan smilie, I'll see what I can do (I'm still working out the whole avatar thing, so it may take me a little while longer to sort those out!)
  19. Parking in Central Milton Keynes can be a bit difficult sometimes (especially on a Saturday) but if you are travelling by car there's a park and ride just off the motorway (free parking and the bus fair is about £2 return). There's more info on the "getting there" page (link below). There is also a link to a downloadable map of all the available parking spaces in the city centre and their exact cost/time limits. http://www.showmastersonline.co.uk/collect...aniatravel.html
  20. Oh, don't worry. We watch this section of the board with interest! This is where you have a chance to let us know who you really want to see. We generally don't comment on your suggestions partly because we don't want to influence anyone, or get anyone's hopes up unnecessarily. We also don't want to cause any rumours about possible guests for forthcoming events (last time we mentioned a few possible names it all got TOTALLY out of hand!). But we do definitely take note of the names which keep appearing on the board (even the seemingly "impossible" ones!)
  21. Besides, if we arranged for Dominic, Sean, Elijah, Orlando, Ian & Ian, Viggo, et al to appear at Collectormania 3..... Who would be left for Collectormania 4!?!
  22. Aw shucks! Thanks for your kind words. We want to develop Collectormania into a really special event. It's hard work but the support of fellow movie fans like yourself really make us realise that it's all worthwhile. I'll let you into a little secret though, we actually enjoy organising them!
  23. I don't know if anyone has realised this, but technically we DO have guests from Smallville. Corin Nemec was in the season 1 episode ZERO playing Jude Royce, and Jason Connery was in the season 1 episodes Hothead and Reaper and in the season 2 episode SUSPECT playing Dominic Sanatori! If you click on the actors' pictures on the main C3 page it will take you to their complete filmographies.
  24. It's nice to know that everyone is being considerate to the environment and travelling to Milton Keynes by public transport!! Come on guys, if you are travelling here by car why not help out fellow fans by offering them a lift.
  25. Welcome to the Collectormania forum. Please feel free to use these forums to discuss the forthcoming Collectormania event, share your ideas or ask questions (the organisers do regularly read these boards so any suggestions or comments will reach them!). We have included a forum for your guest suggestions as well. We'd love to know who you would like to see at future Collectormania events, but please try and keep your suggestions semi-realistic. We'd all love to meet the likes of Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford as well, but it's not really likely in the near future! Who knows though, if Collectormania continues to grow....! Please remember, these forums have been set up to discuss the Showmasters events. Unrelated posts may be edited or moved to a more relevent section such as General Chat or one of the many specialist sections (check them out in the General Chat category). Please also be aware that our forum members come from a wide age group so we would appreciate it if bad language and sexual references are kept to a minimum. Unfortunately we can not allow advertising for other events or businesses (blatant or otherwise!). This includes fan sites with links to other events or businesses, unless you have prior permission from Showmasters. Posts containing links or references to other events will be edited or deleted, and the same goes for signatures. If you are unsure you can contact one of the moderators or Showmasters themselves. If you would like to contact the organisers you can e-mail them at info@showmastersonline.com or alternatively check out the website for full details of the event Click Here for the Collectormania website Click Here for the London Film and Comic Con website We hope you enjoy our forums, we are very proud of the community that has grown up on these boards and will do whatever we can to make new members as welcome as possible. Showmasters.
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