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Latest Guest Announcement - CRAIG MILLER

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Latest Guest Announement - Craig Miller

Appearing: All 3 Days

Craig worked as a consultant on publicity, marketing, and licensing in the early years of Lucasfilm He worked on both Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, and was integral with the success of the films at the start .
Craig has been quoted in Entertainment Weekly Magazine about early market research for Star Wars.His work for Lucasfilm at that time included creating fan "buzz" for the series in the absence of social media.
He has a background in animation and his work also includes The Smurfs, Beast Wars and The Real Ghostbusters. His 104 episode TV series Pocket Dragon Adventures.
He is a member of the Writers Guild of America (for which he chairs the Animation Writers Caucus),

Craig will be with us over the three days and will be shearing his memorys of what it was like to work for Lucasfilm in these very early years.


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