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Cosplay Stage Timetable and content details

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This weekend at Film & Comic Con Bournemouth 2016 we've got three fantastic Cosplay guests and a whole host of content during the day for all our attendees to enjoy.

10am – Welcome to the Cosplay Zone
11am – David Roth - Exeter Cosplay presents (Big Build Photoshoot)
12pm – Cosplay Blind Date
12:30pm – Knightfall McCarthy presents (Social Cosplay Panel)
1:30pm – Lip Sync Battle
2:00pm – Bendy Bear's Cosplay presents (Sewing panel)
3:30pm – Community Masquerade
10am – Welcome to the Cosplay Zone
11am – Kinightfall McCarthy presents (Social Panel)
12pm – Cosplay Blind Date
12:30pm – Bendy Bear presents (Sewing panel)
1:30pm – Lip Sync Battle
2:00pm – Exeter Cosplay presents (Big Build photoshoot)
3:30pm – Community Masquerade

Welcome to the Cosplay Zone
This is your chance to meet our guest for the weekend and ask them any questions or listen to some of their stories about the community and conventions.

Cosplay Blind Date
With a similar format to the old ITV show of the same name but with a Cosplay twist, three audience members will be asked questions by one of our guests and whoever is picked will receive an amazing Pop Figure and Candy Box prize from Pop 'N' Candy. Dates with guests are not included in this game show.

Lip Sync Battle
If you've seen the trend on TV you'll know all about this reverse Karaoke, if not then a quick you tube search will show you all you need to know. We are taking sign ups online but also during the day of the show. Pick a song which you think best fits your Cosplay and then give it all you can to compete for a prize and the glory of being the best Lip Sync battler in Sheffield.

Sign up here - www.darkcleopro.com/lip-sync-battle.html

Community Masquerade
We have one at each show but now they mean even more to the talented winner of each day as the prize is £200 and a place in next years LFCC Professional Masquerade including a ticket into the show. You'll also get a photoshoot which will be used on Showmasters website to announce each winner that goes onto the Professional Masquerade so you can check out the competition.

Sign Up Here - http://www.darkcleopro.com/film-and-comicon-bournemouth-201…


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