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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - DALIBOR TALAJIĆ

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Dalibor Talajić


Attending: Saturday & Sunday


Artist: Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe; Dexter; George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Two; Master of Kung Fu; Red Wolf
DURING the 10 years prior to making his US debut in 2005, Dalibor Talajić had worked as a clarinet teacher at a music school in his native Croatia while also providing art for such Croatian magazines as Blue Bird, First Choice, Loaded, Morning Paper, My Beer and Flit as well as the legendary Zagreb fanzine Endem.
His first American commission was a contribution to 2005's Negative Burn Summer Special, which was released by Desperado Publishing under the Image Comics umbrella. Over the next four years Talajić worked for Image/Desperado primarily on a four-issue run on Deadworld but also on The Atheist and Negative Burn. Along the way he also drew 2007's Hunter's Moon five-parter for BOOM! Studios.
In 2009 Talajić illustrated La Bible: Le Nouveau Testament – L'Evangile selon Matthieu (The Bible: The New Testament – The Gospel according to Matthew) for Delcourt in France and also contributed to Deadpool #900. The latter was his first Marvel work but it began an association with the House of Ideas that continues to this day. He followed that eight-pager by drawing the following month's Deadpool Team-Up #899, moving into 2010 with a one-shot print version of Hit-Monkey, which he'd previously illustrated for Marvel Digital Comics.
After Deadpool Team-Up #895 [yes, the numbers were counting down] came a Hit-Monkey three-parter with the one-off Punisher MAX: Tiny Ugly World rounding out 2010. The following year saw the Croatian artist contributing to issues of X-Men: To Serve and Protect and 5 Ronin before embarking on a four-issue X-Men run.
The Avengers Origins: Luke Cage one-shot kicked off 2012 for Talajić, who followed it with a Ghost Rider fill-in and a contribution to Shame Itself, another one-off. One more fill-in – this time on Incredible Hulk – preceded the artist's most high profile assignment to date: the four-issue Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe.
It wasn't until late in 2013 that Talajić again added to his comicbook credits. After a three-issue run on X-Force (on which he tag-teamed with Adrian Alphona) came the Wolverine: In the Flesh one-shot, which was released simultaneously with the first issue of Dexter. A tie-in with the TV series of the same name, it was followed by Dexter Down Under with an Uncanny X-Force fill-in (on which he collaborated with Phillipe Briones) sandwiched in between the two five-parters.
Dexter Down Under took the artist into 2014. He followed it with the five issues of George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act Two after which he illustrated a 2015 issue of New Avengers before taking on the Master of Kung Fu four-parter.
He is now the series artist on Marvel's just launched Red Wolf comic

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