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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - PAUL DAVIDSON

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Paul Davidson


Attending: Saturday and Sunday


Artist: Magneto; X-Club; 2000 AD; Warhammer Monthly;
IT ALL began with Warhammer Monthly in 1998 for Paul Davidson, who contributed to four issues of the Games Workshop comic before leaving the medium for life as a storyboard/concept artist in the video games industry.
When he resurfaced it was at Marvel, where his first work was a 2008 Nova cover and a fill-in on an issue of Dark X-Men: The Beginning. That pretty much set the pattern for Davidson's output at the House of Ideas with his art appearing in a number of titles across the next three years, New Mutants, X-Men, X-Men: Blind Science and Age of X among them.
In 2011 the artist made his debut on 2000 AD although it would be another two years before he would make a significant contribution to the self-styled Galaxy's Greatest Comic and not until 2014 that his work would begin to appear albeit sporadically in 2000 AD's companion title, Judge Dredd Megazine.
Across that same period he was still providing art to Marvel, most notably on 2012's five-part X-Club and the two issues of 2014's Inhumanity: Awakening but also for X-Factor and X-Men: Legacy. Davidson is currently drawing Magneto, on which he became regular artist in 2015.

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