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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - NIGEL DOBBYN

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Nigel Dobbyn


Appearing: Both Days


Artist: 2000 AD; Sonic the Comic; Spider-Man and Friends

MOST of Nigel Dobbyn’s time these days is occupied outside the comics industry working on design and illustration for a variety of companies. However in the close to 30 years since he embarked on a career in comics, he has worked on titles for Dark Horse, DC Thomson, Egmont among others.

Starting out at Harrier Comics – a British publisher that occupied the mid-ground between fanzines and mainstream publishing – the artist was soon hired by Fleetway to work on 2000 AD. He was a regular contributor to the self-styled Galaxy’s Greatest Comic from 1988 until 1995, when he transferred across to Egmont’s Sonic the Comic.

He remained on that licenced title into 1999 after which he moved across to another. Published by Dark Horse, Digimon – on which he worked during 2000 – was not Dobbyn’s first US outing; that occurred in 1994 when he drew an issue of The Demon for DC for which he also pencilled three issues of Judge Dredd: Lawman of the Future the following year.

Apart from Panini’s Spider-Man and Friends on which he worked from 2006 to 2011, the artist’s comics output has dwindled since Digimon. He has, however, contributed to Games Workshop’s Inferno as well as working on Power Rangers strips for Panini/Fox Kids’ Wickid magazine and on Billy the Cat for The Beano.



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