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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - PJ HOLDEN

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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - PJ Holden


Attending: Sat/Sun


Artist: 2000 AD; Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human
IT TOOK almost five years for Paul J Holden to get his career off the ground. Although he began drawing for Fantagraphics in 1995 and for Caliber the following year, his small body of work for the US indie publishers came to an end in 1997. He resurfaced in 1999 contributing to Violent! – a UK small press comic published in homage to Action, the controversial British boys’ weekly of the mid-1970s – although things didn’t really take off for him until the following year when he illustrated his first story for 2000 AD [in Prog 1233]. Since his debut in the self-styled Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, Holden – who contributed stories to Black Library’s Warhammer Monthly between 2002 and 2003 – has been and remains a frequent contributor to 2000 AD and to Judge Dredd Megazine, its companion title. He also maintains his links with the British small press, occasionally providing covers and the like to such titles as Violent!, Zarjaz and FutureQuake. He returned to the US market in 2007 to pencil Image’s four-issue Fearless. Although the bulk of Holden’s output remains on this side of the Atlantic, he did also illustrate Happy Valley (the first three issues of Dynamite’s 2010 Battlefields series) and a 2011 Dynamite four-parter, Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human. He is currently drawing Renegade Arts’ four-issue Monsterology.
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