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can our European friends help us get the word out ?

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we would love to see as many European fans at this event and you will all help make this event really great so if some of you on here can translate this info into you own language and let other fans know of this event in your own country which will help this con so much .


Return to Middle Earth


The Lord of the Rings 10th anniversary convention


11th - 13th November 2011 - Park Inn Northampton


our web site is coming soon but till then you can link it to our thread on the forum




thank you all for this help we want this event to be the start of some really big Lord of the Rings Cons over the next few years when the new Hobbit film is out , so you helping us now will give us the start we need to keep them going and make each event something very special for all Lord Of The Rings fans


we are so excited here we are all looking forward to 2011 :D:YAHOO:



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No problem, I'll talk about it to everyone I know here in France, and I'll pass the word on to Belgium and to the people I know in the US and in Canada :)

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