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:D Welcome to the Collectormania forum. Please feel free to use these forums to discuss the forthcoming Collectormania event, share your ideas or ask questions (the organisers do regularly read these boards so any suggestions or comments will reach them!).


We have included a forum for your guest suggestions as well. We'd love to know who you would like to see at future Collectormania events, but please try and keep your suggestions semi-realistic. We'd all love to meet the likes of Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford as well, but it's not really likely in the near future! Who knows though, if Collectormania continues to grow....!


Please remember, these forums have been set up to discuss the Showmasters events. Unrelated posts may be edited or moved to a more relevent section such as General Chat or one of the many specialist sections (check them out in the General Chat category). Please also be aware that our forum members come from a wide age group so we would appreciate it if bad language and sexual references are kept to a minimum.


Unfortunately we can not allow advertising for other events or businesses (blatant or otherwise!). This includes fan sites with links to other events or businesses, unless you have prior permission from Showmasters. Posts containing links or references to other events will be edited or deleted, and the same goes for signatures. If you are unsure you can contact one of the moderators or Showmasters themselves.


If you would like to contact the organisers you can e-mail them at info@showmastersonline.com or alternatively check out the website for full details of the event :D


Click Here for the Collectormania website

Click Here for the London Film and Comic Con website


We hope you enjoy our forums, we are very proud of the community that has grown up on these boards and will do whatever we can to make new members as welcome as possible.



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